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Live Air-Water-Soil is a Green Community is an organization founded in 2019 on the belief that a healthier community comes from a healthy environment. The root of many health problems is, in most cases, due to environmental pollution. The founder is a Biologist and promoter of literacy and environmental health practices with the goal of improving the community through opportunities.


The mission of Comunidad Verde is to promote environmental friendly and sustainable practices through research and information on the benefits and problems that impact the community; and to empower the community through literacy efforts in aspects such as leadership, financial, enterprise, and adult literacy.


Our vision is to have self-conscious communities on environmental impacts, health, and self-growth.


Most communities who lack many resources are also facing issues related to the environmental conditions in their communities including pollution, lack of adult literacy on basic education skills, lack of access to information, lack of activities in the benefit of the community, possibly security issues as well as delinquency. Problems are many, but for every problem they must be a solution. Most underserved communities already faced many of these issues sometimes due to the location. Low income families are always pushed towards less desirable locations due to affordability. These locations then get classified as poor neighborhoods and the resources in such communities grow limited. Funding lacks in many areas including schools, health centers, security departments, and resource centers. Such communities deserve the same opportunities as any others. These communities are ones who need the resources the most.

Well rounded communities will improve the overall economy, health conditions, and healthy environments in our communities. With this in mind, Comunidad Verde looks forward to improving the overall conditions of communities. When the communities improve, the country overall condition improves and the impacts of these efforts are observed through the economy of the country. A better educated community represents a better economy, businesses growth, and better financial health. The health conditions of an educated community are reflected in the health system through the decrease on expenses related to health issues, healthier life habits, better eating and exercising habits, and enriching community activities. Educated communities are the best approach towards improving the overall environmental conditions of the community, but they need an opportunity to do so. The community itself will promote, enforce, and support healthier environmental friendly habits. As a result, the pollution levels will decrease; recycling, reducing, and reusing efforts will be efficient; and the community will get together to structure better systems to the overall health of the community.

We do this because we believe that opportunities are a great approach to achieve our goal and we envision better communities for everyone. We will create proud community members and activists to help save everyone from extinction. We prefer to do something NOW than wait until it is too late. For the generations that follow, we must preserve what we have. Let’s give children the opportunity for a better future!


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