World Environment Day (June 5th), water an important resource

What a great time to talk about water when we are celebrating World Environment Day this June 5th. Every DAY we have the opportunity to make a great impact in the world. Any positive action counts even small ones.

Now, in terms of water, our actions could be stronger by having in mind the reasons why we have to be part of the movement towards preserving our natural resources. Water as a natural resource is vital to life but spent in great amounts through our everyday activities and consumption.

Food production accounts for roughly 70% of freshwater use; however, a third of the food produced is not consumed. This means that about 23.3% of fresh water is wasted due to food waste. Fruits and vegetables make up the majority of the food lost or wasted in the production process. 

It is hard to believe that there are millions of people suffering from food insecurity and lack of water while tons of food are wasted every year. There are great solutions out there to help fight this situation and strong hearts with the sole purpose to support “waste reduction” efforts. Many of the successful projects in relation to the environment will become part of my posts.

Dear reader,

You will get to see the analysis of projects that others are doing and their successes. Stay with me as we move forward. Perhaps you will become the next leader in your community.

– Ana Patiño

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