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In the search for change, many specific projects arise by those who want to make a difference because this is the best approach. These can be simple or complex, but all are design to create a change, make a difference, empower, influence, or to provide a better future for everyone.

Through a series of projects the most terrible living conditions of people or situations in a location can change. The idea with the projects proposed in each section is looking forward to change the condition of communities and their environments. Intensive research has lead to implementing the projects that are described here.

From the start of the project, a group of people got together to deduce the cause of the problems and the possible solutions or actions that could facilitate or help alleviate the current condition of the region or situation. Once decided, they moved forward, made their research, created a plan, implemented their plan, and took action. Now, many of these projects are being used in many places around the world and the results have provided evidence that such projects can be successful anywhere if implemented correctly.